West With The Night (Virago Modern Classics) por Beryl Markham

August 17, 2019

West With The Night (Virago Modern Classics) por Beryl Markham

Titulo del libro: West With The Night (Virago Modern Classics)

Autor: Beryl Markham

Número de páginas: 320 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 17, 1984

ISBN: 9780860685418

Editor: Virago

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Beryl Markham con West With The Night (Virago Modern Classics)

It tells the spellbinding story of Beryl Markham -- aviator, racehorse trainer, fascinating beauty -and her life in the Kenya of the 1920s and 30s. Markham was taken to Kenya at the age of four. As an adult she was befriended by Denys Finch-Hatton, the big-game hunter of OUT OF AFRICA fame, who took her flying in his airplane. Thrilled by the experience, Markham went on to become the first woman in Kenya to receive a commercial pilot's license. In 1936 she determined to fly solo across the Atlantic -- without stopping. When Charles Lindbergh did the same, he had the wind behind him. Markham, by contrast, had a strong headwind against her and a plane that only flew up to 163 mph. On 4 September, she took off ... Several days later, she crash-landed in Nova Scotia and became an instant celebrity.

A beautiful and evocative story that deserves to be ranked alongside Karen Blixen's OUT OF AFRICA (Time Out)A poet's feeling for her land, an adventurer's response to life (New York HERALD Tribune)

WEST WITH THE NIGHT appeared on 13 bestseller lists on first publication in 1942.